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About us

N.Q. Engineering, Inc. is located in the Central Valley, California and has been meeting customer's satisfaction locally, as well as globally since 1985. We take pride in being a long term reliable supplier, and seek to establish that same dependability with every customer we serve. 


We continuously look to improve  all our services and processes by internal and external auditing, and the adoption of a Quality Management System. This allows us to ensure our customer's requirements are always met, and that our services remain consistent with top quality precision guaranteed. 


Some of the Industries we serve include;  Aerospace, Defense and Marine, Electronics, Telecommunications, Food Processing, Water Purification, and Industrial Companies, etc. We also specialize in Product Development Services, with guidance by our highly skilled and experienced staff, we can assist in the engineering design process of any product or invention. With the use of CAD/CAM Design, SolidWorks, and logical machining approaches, we will effectively see a project though from start to finish.  

Our Mission

To provide high quality parts and services that exceed our customer's expectations. Our ability to think critically and creatively approach all our challenges improves our efficiency and how quickly we can produce a quality finished product.

Our Values

Customer- We work side by side with our clients and diligently listen to all their requests and concerns. It's our desire to develop long term relationships, so customer satisfaction is most important to us. Communication throughout our machining processes is vital to our success and helps us to meet all our customer's needs.

Quality and Consistency-We pride ourselves to reach the highest standards for quality and consistency. Through our Quality Management System we continually seek to improve our systems and processes to ensure our quality remains one of our core values.

Efficiency- We continuously look for ways to improve our efficiency. This allows us to eliminate wasted time, which in turn makes our machining processes more economical and helps us to achieve maximum productivity.

Reliability-Here at N.Q. Engineering we've proudly served some of our customers for over 30 years. We are willing to go above and beyond to ensure we remain a reliable machine shop you can always count on.


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