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N.Q. Engineering, Inc.

 Quality CNC Precision Machining Services Since 1985.

  High precision machining, large volume production, and product development services. Dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty as a long term reliable supplier. The N.Q. Engineering team are experts at their trade, and provide a variety of manufacturing capabilities. View our services, or contact us for more details.

We Offer CNC Machining and Production, Product Development and Prototypes, CAD/CAM Design, Fabrication, and Other Services  


Machining and Production

Multi-axis CNC precision mills and lathes are capable of high volume production, individual parts, prototypes, or assemblies. Our manufacturing services vary thanks to our experienced staff and efficient use of our machines. We proudly manufacture all our parts in the U.S.A and domestically source all our materials.To learn more view our services page which includes a detailed list of the equipment we use.   

Engineering Sketch

Product Development and Prototypes

 Due to experience we have the capabilities to take new ideas to the next level.  We can assist in creating blueprints, produce functioning prototypes, and work very closely with our customers to ensure no detail is left out.  We have the years of expertise to engineer through some of the challenges that creating a new product presents.


CAD/CAM Design

With the help of Computer Aided Design software and SolidWorks modeling, technical drawings, and accurate blueprints, N.Q. Engineering will see a project through from start to finish. With the use of various types of file formats we can take your pre-existing cad file and quickly produce a finished part.


Fabrication and Other Services

Our  metal fabrication capabilities include; soldering, brazing, welding, plasma cutting, metal bending, forming, shaping, and metal spinning. Our skilled metal fabricators will deliver exceptional precision and superior quality guaranteed.  All our secondary processes are sourced locally in California, U.S.A.


 "We’re a custom home builder and fabricator and need customized brackets, machined sleeves, and miscellaneous parts all the time and NQ Engineering is always on schedule and responds to us timely. Highly recommended!"

Sergey Ivaschenko / Elevated Development / CEO

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